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January 3, 2019

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What. A. Year. I took quite a bit of time off of blogging and vlogging this past year because it turned crazy, exciting all at the same time. The most important thing to me in the world is family so I needed to focus on the adventures of my husband and I.

We started the year apart, 10 months to be exact. I had been away in Jordan for 7 months and he had been away to Florida for 7 months, except he left 3 months into me leaving, thus the 10 months. Which means I was away from our pup for 7 months too, but you can see here us being reunited!

Once my husband returned, we started a whirlwind adventure, moving across the country! Probably the longest way to travel across the country we went from NJ to AL (for work) to UT.

While we were in Alabama, we found out the best. news. ever. We’re expecting!! And we couldn’t be more excited. – Because people always ask: we don’t know the gender and we will keep it a surprise! There aren’t many surprises left in the world and it won’t change the fact that we are going to be parents. We’re praying for a healthy baby, a smooth delivery, and a lifetime of love!

Once we arrived to Utah we made another huge life decision and bought a house!! We officially closed on my birthday but it was a bit of a journey to get there. We had been under contract on a different house but when the appraisal came in $35K UNDER asking price, the seller backed-out and we had to start from square one.Our realtor was awesome and we actually bought site unseen…talk about a bit of a roller coaster ride. We didn’t know what to expect! But 50 houses later, 4 offers, and a letter we came to the house we’re in now and we’re so happy to start our family here.

After buying a new house, we started new jobs and traveled the world. I mean, what an epic baby moon! We knew that we wanted to do one last trip big trip before our little one arrives so why not visit France, Monaco, Romania, and Italy at 20 weeks pregnant?! 😉 (We’re in Cinque Terre in the photos below!) We’ve also traveled all over the US this year too. Aside from our road trip, we still went to see family, friends, went to training for work, and traveled for pleasure.

Once I hit my third trimester, we started to settle down and get into my nesting place. We’ve done little excursions locally and have had a wonderful time getting smitten with each other before baby. We had a wonderful new year at a beautiful downtown restaurant with a view, then went to see some incredible lights at the local zoo. Ok, so nothing too crazy, I was in bed by 10 PM. But it was our perfect. 🙂


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We have SO much to look forward to this year! First and foremost, becoming parents! I cannot wait to see Phil as a papa. He’s going to be incredible. He has been so supportive throughout my pregnancy (luckily, I haven’t been too hormonal haha) and always making sure I have what I need. He reads to my belly every night, helps me up when I get stuck on the couch or in bed, and he has always been the cook in our relationship so the baby is definitely getting the good stuff! This year, I will strive to make our house an even more loving home filled with experiences, love, and laughter.

I have also started a happiness project! Some ask why…I’m definitely not sad in any way, but I know I can always be a better person, wife, mama, sister, and daughter. So be on the lookout for upcoming blogs because I’ll be sure to bring you on my happiness project journey. You can even join me if you’d like!

I have also set a goal for myself to complete an Ironman 70.3…6 months after giving birth. I know, I get crazy looks anytime I tell someone that, but you have to set goals to help move you forward and I’ve always wanted to do one. One day, I will even complete a full Ironman marathon, because I’m a badass. 😉

And finally, I love creativity. It’s in all of us and everyone expresses it differently. My husband tells me he’s not creative but I beg to differ. He’s always cooking new things in the kitchen, we recently found out he’s way better at throwing clay (pottery) than I am, and he does little things to remind me that he loves me that make my heart melt. So to grow in my creativity this year I am getting into watercolor! I am signed up for a class an everything. I’ve always wanted to learn to paint so here’s my chance. First thing I want to paint is a portrait of our home. It’s our first and we have so many firsts to come in this home. Then I want to paint a picture of our pup, because he’s just a cutie.

You see, I don’t have resolutions per say for the entirety of the year, those are more so built into my happiness project but I do have a word of the year: love. To love myself, my family (especially our little one who will be making their debut here in about a month), and others more patiently and fully. I can’t wait.

What does your 2019 look like? I am always cheering for you friend! I look forward to reading your comments below!

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