Bring Personality to Your Business

March 11, 2018

Happy Sunday, Friend!

Want to know a simple way to bring personality to your business? It’s something we’ve discussed before…your headshot! But more than that: personal branding.

If you missed it, make sure you go read: Importance of a Headshot that I wrote last month for you.

Today though, I’m coming at you with a vlog all about how to bring personality to your business.

Bring Personality to Your Business

Since there’s only so much time for a video, I wanted to expand on a few different things I touched on. Be sure to watch the video though as I don’t explain everything here.

There are basically 3 ways to bring personality to your business. All scalable depending on what you are trying to achieve.

  1. If you only need one headshot, do that. But as the case with everything in your business you want to do it well. That means, hire a professional. Skip the selfie or your friend with their cell phone. Make sure you find a photographer with the style you want that will represent you best.
  2. Do a personal branding shoot! Especially if you want your entire brand, website, social media to look and feel cohesive. Like you’ve got it goin’ on, ya know what I mean?! Not only are these a blast, they can tell the story of your brand! Check out The Handkerchief Shop blog post to see what a personal branding shoot could look like.
  3. Finally, do a “subscription” or recurring photography shoot. This captures you and your current season perfectly! – Funny thing, I’m actually doing this for a client right now! I can’t wait to show you once we’re done with our 12 week collaboration.

I hope this helps to show you the possibilities are truly endless when you bring personality to your business. Remember watch the vlog for more information!

Interested in a personal branding session? Contact me and let’s chat!

I’m cheering for you, Friend!


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