009. Cultivating Your Relationship

January 22, 2020

Create the Journey: Cultivating Your Relationship

Cultivating your relationship can be tough…too much alike? Completely different? Finding the right balance takes time. With millions of articles out there on relationships, what advice do you follow? In this episode, I’m talking about what’s worked for us and could be helpful to you too. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode here.

In this episode:

  • Phil and I – opposites attract.
  • Traveling together for the first time
  • Should you have different hobbies?
    • A case for yes
    • A case for no
  • Cheering each other on
  • Episode Takeaways

Everyday Extraordinary: A Relationship

I know this picture isn’t my typical documentary style photo, it was taken by our sweet friend Marine Nunez in Marseille, France. However, I thought it captured our relationship perfectly. We love to travel and experience new things together. We love to look spiffy now and then. We’re at our best when we have each other by our sides.

Links and mentions from the episode:

Episode 1: Give Yourself Grace

Episode 2: Stuck on Love

Episode 6: Winning Week 2020

I’d love to hear what’s worked in your relationships! Join me in the community to continue the conversation.

Until next week!


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