010. First Year Necessities

January 29, 2020

Create the Journey: First Year Necessities

My son will be a year old in only 2 weeks! How has time gone by so fast? In this episode I’m sharing all my first year necessities for you and the babe. I promise you don’t need #allthethings. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode here.

In this episode:

  • Silly story
  • Mama Essentials
  • Baby Essentials

Everyday Extraordinary: A necessity

Links and mentions from the episode:

Candy Cane Icebreaker Mints

Mama Essentials


  • Super comfy robe – the one I got I don’t want to highly recommend for you because I actually didn’t think it was that comfortable…but I will say having your own robe was nice https://amzn.to/2R66pKG

Baby Essentials


  • Board books…not regular books…stay tuned for an upcoming episode on mine and JPs favorite books



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We’re TEN EPISODES IN! I have just loved doing this for you. I’d love any feedback, questions, or requests; visit moniquelockwood.com/podcast to submit a suggestion!

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