13. Go on a STAYcation

February 19, 2020

Create the Journey: Go on a STAYcation

Let me guess, you’re not going on a vacation because its expensive, you have other obligations, you don’t have time off work and it can be stressful planning something…but that’s not what a vacation is supposed to be right? Today I’m giving you a great alternative…a STAYcation, right in your own city. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode here!

In this episode:

  • Considering vacations
  • Our honeymoon in Iceland
  • Our first overnight without JP
  • Benefits of a Staycation
  • Staycation ideas
  • Episode Take-Aways

Everyday Extraordinary Prompt: Travel Photo

Here are TWO photos from our Iceland trip, the first in front of a gorgeous waterfall and the second is us snorkeling in 34 degree water (yea, you read the right – we were in dry suits) between 2 tectonic plates!

Links and Mentions from the Episode

Photos of our Iceland Itinerary (I stop the photos at day one, but there is something like it for each of the 9 days we were in Iceland)! – I was head over heels in love haha

Until next week, continue creating the journey you love.


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