16. Traveling with a Kiddo

March 11, 2020

Create the Journey: Traveling with a Kiddo

Traveling with a kiddo and bringing everything  but the kitchen sink? I’ve been there, especially when JP was only a couple months old. Now though, I only bring the essentials! Mama ain’t got that many hands amiright? In today’s episode find out how we travel with our little. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode here.

In this episode:

  • The coronavirus…to travel or not?
  • First time traveling with JP
  • Never stop traveling
  • Travel essentials
  • What’s at the destination?
  • Episode Take-aways

Everyday Extraordinary: An essential – travel related or not!

Below…JP and his Pockit Stroller! He looks upset…but he loves it 😉

Links and Mentions from the episode


  • Essentials: stroller, car seat, somewhere for baby to sleep, clothes, diapers, food
  • Nice to haves: sound machine, pack and play cover, high chair, baby monitor
  • Things that are not essentials are: Play chair, all his books, all his toys, a bouncer, a baby towel, multiple bottles, etc. the list goes on


Hip Baby Wrap

Pockit Stroller (our exact one)

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

Sound Machine


Ingelsina High Chair

Baby Monitor

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Until next week, continue to create the journey you love!


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