My sessions are laid-back (relatively stress-free...I mean someone is following you around your home with a camera, I get that it can be a little awkward but I promise you’ll be so thankful you did it). I won’t ask you to look at the camera every 5 seconds, but allow you to be who you are in your own home and regular activities. 

I promise to show you your family love and meaningful moments. I can’t promise you won’t tear up and giggle when you see how incredibly amazing your life is when you watch your film cuddled on the couch with your loved ones, or see your photos for the first time. My sessions are perfect for the family who wants to remember the everyday extraordinary and celebrate the importance of real life, real love, and family meaning.





1) Phone Consultation
     - Plan your session and make sure we’re a good fit.

2) Booking Your Session
     - Sign the contract, pay a $200 retainer fee (to be used toward total price of session), schedule your date.

3) The Details
      - Fill out my questionnaire and discuss expectations.

4) Film Day
     - Have fun with your family while I visit your home like a friend with a camera and trust I know what I’m doing.

5) Finished Products
     - Receive your film online to download, photos will be delivered via an online gallery, choose your keepsakes, and enjoy!







60-90 minute session

This session takes place either in the early morning or late afternoon in your home or a meaningful place or your choice. I’ll be with you to document connection and an authentic story of your family together. This session is unposed and undirected.

Photos Only $350 (25 images)
Photos and Film $525 (1.5-2 minute video, 25 images, and a storybook album)
Storybook Album and Extended Gallery $150

 3-4 hour session

My most popular session, similar to a full day in the life session (only shorter). You can choose either a morning or afternoon session and I’ll document your family’s authentic story through your everyday extraordinary moments and routine. I just tag along with my camera. This session is unposed and undirected.

Photos and Film $950 (3-4 minute video, 50 images, and a storybook album)

up to 8 hour session

The ultimate way to document your everyday extraordinary moments. I’ll arrive early in the morning and document the time you start breakfast, cuddles in bed, messy hair and all. I’ll be there throughout the day to document your natural and meaningful connections with each other. Keep your routines and I’ll be there to capture it all. This session is unposed and undirected. These sessions are limited each year, please contact me for availability. 

Photos and Film $1650 (4-6 minute video, 75 images, and a storybook album)

up to 1 hour session (30 minute interview and 30 minute directed session)

Perfect for milestones: birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and more! How fun would it be to see your little and hear what they want to be when they grow up? Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear the story of your parents on their anniversary? Or the excitement and anticipation of your teenager as they’re about to leave the nest? Even more, how amazing would it be to be interviewed with your significant other about the birth of your child or your journey together?

$550 (4-6 minute video and 3 images)

20 minute session
$250 (30 second - 1 minute video and 3 images)

These sessions are available on a limited and seasonal basis. This session includes both photo and video. Slots open to my email list first (usually 80-90% booked by the time I release dates and times publicly). This session is directed.

Join my list here to be notified of my next offering. 






Other Offerings

Did you know?

I'm a certified
Professional Photographer & Family VIDEOGRAPHER

What that means is I've dedicated hours and hours to learning my craft through the NY Institute of Photography, passed my evaluations, and am certified in providing quality and lovely family photos for you.

NYIP Membership Badge
NYIP Membership Badge


Additionally, I am a member of Documentary Family Photographers. A professional photography organization dedicated to abiding a strict code of ethics to provide truly authentic photos of your life.

Finally, the Filming Life Academy equips students with ever advancing knowledge of the technology and skill used to best document real life moments. After studying and completing all course work, you're given the opportunity to take a test, showing you comprehend the lessons. So, when I'm coming into your home to document your story, I'm coming in with the latest knowledge for how to best tell your story. Ever learning and growing is my commitment, because your story matters.

Frequently Asked


I am currently based out of northern Utah - Layton, Utah to be specific! I am available for travel, contact me for more details.

Sessions are for immediate family only; whether it’s the two of you love birds or you both and four littles! To add extended family and friends, the cost is an additional $25 per person.

Documentary photography at its core is to tell a story through a series of photos. That means documentary family photography works well in so many situations: birth, newborn, in-home, anniversaries, and even running errands! Storytelling photography captures your everyday moments, relationships, love, and displays emotion and meaningful connection. These moments in life will pass you bay so quickly. My goal is to preserve these moments and memories for you and your children. They are something you will treasure for a lifetime. 

Because of my documentary style approach, 90% of my sessions are unposed and undirected. This means that I let you be you. Think of me as a friend coming to hang out with my camera. I won't be shooting through the whole session. I'll interact with you (so I'm not just an awkward outsider following you around in your home) and wait until the best moments present themselves.

The difference between lifestyle photography and documentary photography can be confusing at first, but it's actually pretty simple. Lifestyle photos are directed photos by the photographer through posing or prompts to get the subjects to look a certain way. My Interview Sessions and Mini Sessions are usually lifestyle sessions due to shorter time constraints. Whereas documentary photos are unposed and undirected to get real, genuine moments.

While Pinterest is great for inspiration sometimes, we’d be trying to recreate someone else’s life and I want to capture YOUR unique, everyday extraordinary life. However, I encourage you to figure out what style of photography you like, and then search for a photographer that can meet those needs. If it’s not me, that’s ok. I want you to be happy with your final photos and film.

The great thing about a documentary session is you can wear what you would typically wear anytime. You don’t have to stress about coordinating outfits, or getting your hair and make-up professionally done. Just show up as you are, same goes for your family!

No, I only use natural light. This way I can be more flexible, less intrusive, and work quickly.

Remember my sessions are laid-back and undirected which allows your kids to be kids. Even if they’re shy and stubborn at first, they’ll typically get used to me being there. Tell them I’m a friend (instead of a photographer) and it’ll go well. That being said, I know littles are unpredictable so it’s totally okay if not every moment of our session is perfect. Years down the road, I’m sure you’ll cherish any moment (whether it’s fake tears or fun giggles) of your kiddo. I hope to capture the unique personality of everyone: the quirks, details, and each moment in between. 

That’s totally ok! Most families will pick up a little bit (tripping hazards) before I get there, but by no means does your home need to be pristine. Trust me, nothing fazes me and I have a little one of my own whose toys are on the floor or cracker crumbs are in the carpet. If it’s home to your family, that’s all I need.

In the majority of my sessions you will receive all the digital files of the final images (typically I include more than what’s listed as a bonus!). However, in my Favorite Time of Day (25) and Mini Sessions (3), you will receive something I call the artisans edit. The artisan’s edit is what I feel are the strongest photos that tell you’re story. You have the option to purchase the full gallery for an additional cost. You receive a print release for all the photos which allows you to reproduce the images for personal use as many times as needed. All photos are high-resolution.

All images are color-corrected and edited to tell a cohesive story. I do not make any adjustments to the way people look as I value your authenticity. This means I do not remove flyaway hairs, blemish removal, etc.

I generally shoot at least 5 times the amount of photos guaranteed in your session to make sure we get the strongest photos. I do not release any image that is not up to my professional standards. 

Absolutely! I highly encourage it! You can see all available heirloom products here.

You might be wondering how my products differ from getting photo books at Shutterfly or Walmart. All my products are printed at professional labs vs consumer labs. This means the quality is unmatched, and many of my offerings are made by hand.

First, let me tell you, I’m so excited to meet you and your family! You can contact me here and we can plan your session. I require a 50% non-refundable retainer for any session to reserve your date (the value goes towards your session total). Then I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your family and set expectations for our time together.