Meet Your Photographer: Monique Lockwood

April 19, 2019

Hi there! I’m Monique of Monique Lockwood, LLC. It’s Friday, so allow me to introduce myself (#fridayintroductions)!

When you’re hiring a photographer, I think it’s so important that get along with your them. After all, you’re hiring a photographer to come into your life, and trust them with documenting your most cherished times. You should know who you’re hiring, right?

I had the privilege of growing up all around the world. Both my parents were military and gave me a heck of a childhood. Before I left for college I think I visited almost every country in Europe, traveled to Japan, and had my fair share of cross country drives. Because of this, I LOVE to travel. Curious as to where I’ve been? Check out my travel page!

After graduating from college, life brought me to California where I met the love of my life, Phil. We met at work. He was supposed to be teaching me my job…but apparently, we fell in love instead. Don’t worry, it all worked out. Obviously. 😉 We’ve been together 5 years this year and we’ve already been on so many journeys together. Literally, sea to shining sea and more. I don’t know what I’d do without Phil in my life. He’s taught me not to take myself too seriously and to love through the ups and downs.

Before we were ready to have kids, we bought a puppy. He’s the best ever. Tahoe, our silver lab (named after the Lake we were married at, not the truck haha), knows no strangers, loves unconditionally, is now a patient big brother, and a big cuddle monster. He thinks he’s a lap dog at 70 pounds. He lives to play and I can’t wait to see him and our son grow up together!

And finally, our son, JP. He has been an incredible blessing and I’m so honored to be his mama. He has taught me that I do, in fact, have patience and that being humble is mandatory to live in his world. You never truly realize how humble you can be when 1) you’re pushing a baby out with an entire medical team hanging out at the business end and 2) when your child upchucks his entire meal right in your lap and it all just rolls down into all the spaces…but yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way knowing that I brought this little ball of joy into the world. Seeing all 3 of my guys together melts my heart. Phil is an amazing father and I know he’ll be “the fun one” once JP starts running around.

Through this journey that life has taken me on, photography has provided me a way to hold on to and cherish every memory. I publish a yearbook each year so that Phil and I (and now our son) can sit on the couch, flip through the pages and reminisce. It brings back all the feels. Because I’ve enjoyed it so much personally, I love being able to bring the same joy to every couple and family I photograph.

I don’t have the best memory so printing my photos is important to me. Who wants to click through Facebook to bring back memories? Lame. Don’t you want to be able to flip through an album with your child on your lap to show them where you came from and show them where they’ve been? I make sure that any session you have with me (wedding or family), you walk away with tangible photos. Something to live in your home as a reminder of the journey you’ve been on to get where you are today. That’s what photography means to me.

Create your journey today.

-Utah Family Photographer, Utah Family Film Maker, Utah Wedding Photographer-

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