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Why is Printing Your Photos Important?

April 26, 2019

Printing your photos lets your family see that they are valued.

Being a photographer, I obviously take a lot of photos…on my big girl camera and of course my iPhone when it’s convenient. From the day that Phil and I first hung out, to getting our pup, and when JP took his first breath.

Is this true for you too?

Immediately, and front of mind, I think about the birth of my son (barely 3 months ago)! When we were cuddling and bonding in the quiet hours of our first night together. You bet I had my phone out, taking selfies with him and taking pictures of how little he was on my chest.

In today’s age of social media, we’re pretty used to having a camera in our face whether posed or unposed. Although a lot of times those are selfies or a photo taken by random stranger – who may or may not get it right 😉 – they’re important, fleeting moments that you obviously want to remember.

But, are you printing your memories? Putting them on your walls to see every day? Documenting them in a book to later show your children their family legacy?

If you come to my house, you’ll find walls full of photos and a table full of yearbooks and trip books – and now a baby book! I preface that to say the not all our photos are super fancy. Lately I’ve been so drawn to the real, everyday photos I have. But these photos I put up make me happy and when the days are tough, I know it’s all worth it.

What’s interesting is my husband. When I ask him to take photos, he’s never excited (especially when I hired a birth photographer!). But then, when I get them printed and put our most cherished moments on our walls and in books to flip through and see how our story has unfolded, I see the spark in his eye. His smile and gentle laugh, the way he brings me back to those moments and tells me the story from his point of view make it SO worth it.

I can’t wait until my son is old enough to appreciate these prints as well. I had an amazing childhood but don’t have many photos of it! I really wish I did so that I could show Phil and JP the travels and experiences I had, and the love my parents and my sister had for each other. Phil has a bunch of childhood photos, and it’s so fun to look at how chunky he was or his bare baby butt (he’s going to read this and hate me haha).

Printing your photos is so important in documenting your family legacy. Give these memories to you, your significant other, and your children to hold and love every day. This is such a testimony to your importance as a family.

These days go by so fast, I can’t even believe how big JP has gotten in the last 3 months! Those days are gone, but by printing my photos, we can remember and cherish our journey together as a family.

A wonderful photographer, Michelle McKay said, “Long after these days and sleepless nights have ended, let there exist a record around us – a story of love, belonging, connection…A history, told in pictures.”

If you’re longing for some joyful and authentic photos of your family on your walls and in books, and you’re located in Utah, let me help you document your family’s journey. Contact me to book your session today!

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