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You believe in documenting your family's legacy, heirlooms that you can hold and relive your most cherished memories.

You embrace the most special moments and appreciate your every day.

Your family has your heart and you enjoy creating memories with them.

You're adventurous & spontaneous,
but you also love to take it easy. 

Did you know?

I'm a certified
Professional Photographer

What that means is I've dedicated hours and hours to learning my craft through the NY Institute of Photography, passed my evaluations, and am certified in providing quality and lovely family photos for you.

NYIP Membership Badge
NYIP Membership Badge


Additionally, I am a member of Documentary Family Photographers. A professional photography organization dedicated to abiding a strict code of ethics to provide truly authentic photos of your life.

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Everyday Extraordinary

Things I want to


Phil                              JP                              Tahoe

* The way he smiles when I greet him in the morning
* The way he tells me he's sleepy by crawling on to my lap, sucking his thumb, and cuddling into me
* His speed crawl to me when he sees me walk through the door at daycare
* His toothy smile whenever I tickle him

* Our hug in the kitchen when we get home from work
* The way he dances when he's trying to make me laugh
* His willingness to always let me follow my dreams (even if it means being my assistant)
* The way he loves JP, he's the fun one

* His excitement every morning and each time we walk through the door
* His gentleness with JP (even when JP takes his bone)
* The way he thinks he's a lap dog and cuddles on the couch
* How he's the greatest alert dog, but super friendly to strangers

What do you want to remember? I'd love to document it for you! >




There is something about memories in motion...

Whenever I traveled growing up, I remember taking videos. Back then I used my blue JVC camcorder (hand strap and everything!). Most times I would put a little somethin', somethin' together and share it with family and friends. I remember sometimes people laugh or tear up reliving the memories. It would make me feel so good to create something special. Then I had a thought - especially after finding out we were pregnant - what if I recorded our life at home to send to family that's not able to see JP so often...I was onto something! My first camera love will always be photos, but there is something about video that brings on so much more emotion. The sounds, movement, and life in motion makes you feel like you’re walking into a memory and I fell in love. I vowed to make one video a month through JP’s first year. You can see them in the featured films below.

It’s so crazy how fast time flies and how much JP changes day to day. I wish I could have more videos from my childhood: to see how much love my family had with each other, how I changed through time, and to hear and see my parents when they were my age. I think photography and films is one of the greatest gifts I could give to JP to have when I go with God and to show his kiddos what he was like when he was little. I cherish them so much and I know he will one day too.

I want to make this a possibility for your family. Help you see your life through my lens: the love you have for one another, to hear the laughs of your littles, and the sparkle in your eyes when you look at the one you love in a place where you're most relaxed and comfortable.

Did you know?

I'm a certified

The Filming Life Academy equips student with ever advancing knowledge of the technology and skill used to best document real life moments. After studying and completing all course work, you're given the opportunity to take a test, showing you comprehend the lessons. So, when I'm coming into your home to document your story, I'm coming in with the latest knowledge for how to best tell your story. Ever learning and growing is my commitment, because your story matters.


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Memories in Motion

Let's Talk Travel

Traveling to your favorite destination or somewhere entirely new is exciting and filled with memories worth capturing.

this is where I come in..

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